6 Apr 2015

We are now married!

Four weeks ago today, I had the great honour to marry Di, my wonderful partner of the last ten years. In summer 2014, we decided that it was time to "tie the knot". As we both have relatives who live in many different parts of England and even on the other side of the World, we decided to get married whilst on holiday. Having had our first holiday together on the lovely island of St Lucia, that was chosen as the venue.

No-one knew that it had happened until we announced the wedding through social media and by e-mail to family and friends. How communication has changed in the past ten years! Many thanks to all who sent us so many good wishes for our future together.

It was expected that we could record the marriage within the separate overseas events registered in England and Wales. That way, anyone could find out where we had "made it official" and obtain a copy of the certificate. 

On checking the regulations, that proved not to be possible. Unless they know where and when we got married, how will future genealogists verify that a ceremony took place in such an idyllic place on 9th March 2015?

Having changed her name, Di is now officially a Swinfield and will continue to be very actively involved in furthering our knowledge of those who have this very rare surname.  

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  1. I'm delighted to become an official member of the Swinfield family.