24 Dec 2015

Happy Christmas to all Swinfields!

It is that time again when we think back to what has happened throughout the past year before we look forward at New Year and to what is to come. In 2015, what was achieved in our search for the history of the Swinfield family?

In September, the 3rd Swinfield Gathering was held at Barwell in Leicestershire. This is the second time that we have come together in England. Once more, this was the opportunity to meet "new cousins" and to share information, stories and photographs about our ancestors and relatives.
Highfield Street, Earl Shilton
Earl Shilton churchyard
The next day, Sandra Bates took Di and me on a guided tour of Earl Shilton looking for and photographing the places where Swinfields lived in the village. We also visited the church and completed the collection of monumental inscriptions from that churchyard.

All the grave inscriptions, from whichever churchyard throughout the world they are in, are now being added to this Blog. Perhaps next year, we will be able to add the remaining stones which are in Rookwood Cemetery in Sydney.

I have been continuing to collect photographs of anyone who has ever had the surname of Swinfield. Believe it or not, we are nearing the 500 mark in the Family Album. If there is not one of you there that would be surprising and something to rectify in 2016! One of those is the first image that I have ever seen of my great-grandfather William which came to light this year.

At this time, we also think of those who have left us in the year that is drawing to a close. Sadly I am aware of three Swinfields who are no longer with us. They are Yvonne Patricia (1967-2015), Rosetta Winifred (1921-2015) and Abby Nicola (1996-2015). They will be sorely missed by their families.

I cannot tell you about the Swinfield marriages of 2015 yet as the records are currently only available to 2013. Of course, I know about my own wedding in St Lucia in March this year. I am so happy that Di has now joined the family.      

Reginald Felix Swinfield  (born 19th August 2015)
with Ben, Tom, Geoff and Reg Swinfield
(his great-grandfather born 11th January 1925)    
John Leslie and
Charlie John Swinfield
(born 27th November 2015)
Eight new additions have been welcomed to the Swinfield clan, being born in 2015 to my current knowledge. Our "population" is now about 600 worldwide (about 490 in England and 110 elsewhere). At present, I can only add three of them to the appropriate family tree. If any of you can tell me where they "fit in", please let me know.

Do have a Happy Christmas from us all!