5 Jan 2014

Another Swinfield Gathering in Australia

Another reunion of members of one of the Swinfield families took place in late 2013. This time the meeting was in Australia.
Wolvey, Warwickshire
Wolvey church
Since 2003, Raymond Francis Swinfield recently of Rozelle, NSW, and myself have corresponded about the origins of his branch of the Swinfield family. He is part of what I have called Family 3B, stemming from William Swinfield (1804-1876), the tailor of Wolvey and Nuneaton in Warwickshire, and his second wife, Sarah Williamson. They emigrated to Australia in 1848, taking with them their five younger children aged from 7 to 18. The majority of Australian Swinfields are descended from this couple through their sons John (1838-1903) and Daniel (1842-1877). I wrote about Ray's family in Part 23 of this Blog in November 2012 and in Part 8 of September 2011. He and his three brothers are the great-great-grandsons of William and Sarah through Daniel.

The three boys in 1938: 
John, James & Ray
The three "boys" in 2013: John, James & Ray

On 14th September 2013, following his move into a retirement home due to ill health, Ray received an unexpected visit from many members of his extended family. These included his older brother, John Anthony (born 1933), and his younger brother, James Ronald (who was born in 1935). They had not met for more than 20 years! Other members of the family who were present were John's wife Annette, their son David and his wife, also Annette,and their two grandchildren. Jim was accompanied by his daughter, Deborah, her husband and their two children.
Back row: Samantha Mary, Annette Mary, Annette Marie, John Anthony, David Gerard, James Ronald, Edward James Adcock, Deborah Jane (Adcock), Madison Alexandra Adcock  
Front row: Lachlan David, Raymond Francis, an unknown woman    
Photograph taken by Michael James Adcock 
A very happy meeting of 12 members of the Swinfield clan together in one place for first time. It just does to show that it is never too late to meet up with our relatives!

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  1. Great to see the swinfield clan keeping well. luv u lachie